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Re: how do I "cover" DS's g tube???

We don't cover my little one's mic-key. My little one can't go swimming because of his dialysis catheter but as far as I know otherwise he could go swimming and we don't cover it when he takes a shower. My son walks around all the time without a shirt and other than a little drainage occasionally, we've never had any real problems with it. He's pulled it out 3 times in the last 10 months that he's had it. Learn to put it back in, it will save you a trip to the ER. The first time, I freaked. I got it back in but I was so upset. After that it's been easier. He pulled it out on Monday and it bled a bit this time so that was kind of scary. But, really it's been really easy having one. I wish the dialysis cath. was this easy.
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