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Re: RRP All-in-one ?s

Ok, so I'm pretty new to this myself, but I've made around 23 RRP's. I haven't made hers into AIO's, BUT I do have the DD Unlimited pattern and I think I finally understand about the whole "rolling" part.

When I make RRPS I literally trace around the actual pattern and then cut around 1/4 to 1/2" out from the line (then I sew on the line... ) The extra seam allowance for the outer is I believe just around the leg parts and it's to allow for that fleece to roll. When you pin the the fleece to the inner you may have some minor tucks/puckers in the leg area since you are trying to sew more material in a smaller space kwim? Then when you attach the elastic, you sew it on the fleece side. That will encourage the fleece to roll inward. I've heard it works better if you use a non-stretchy fabric for the inner layer.

As the for the last question, after you sew the fleece to the inner your seam allowance will be the same, since you forced your fleece to match up with your inner. I think she just means to sew it on the fleece side.

I always sew my elastic along the curve... not sure if you have to, it just kind of became habit for me.

HTH and Good luck!

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