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Re: Need Potato Recipes

Originally Posted by masonite
Lin, where'd you get that cookbook?

I watched ATK the other day for the first time, and have been pouring over their online recipes. I'm loving it. Did you just order it online, or buy it in a bookstore?

I want one so bad. Oh, and I want a food processor too. Maybe for Christmas?
Oops - I thought I replied to this. der. Isn't it AWESOME? Okay, this is bizarre...I ordered it from Amazon when I was ordering Christmas stuff to reach the free shipping amount...only they must not carry anything by them anymore b/c it's totally gone from my order history and nothing's coming up on a search. I know they have them at Barnes & Noble too. Anyway...I have the Family one, in a red binder. My friend Courtney has the "Best" one, which I really want, b/c she says if I like the family one I'll LOVE the best one.

The only reason I have a food processor is we were at Lowe's pricing appliances for the new house and I saw it sitting on the discount table. It has all the parts, just no manual -- it was a floor model. I got it for 60% off. I use it ALL the time, including to make K's baby food.
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