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Re: advice after tonsillectomy

Wow mama... that always sucks

My ODD had the same surgery done when she was 2. I know her appetite wasn't huge, but I don't remember lots of pain and misery. (But then again, she'd had chronic ear infections for first the first 9 months of her life, and 2 prior surgeries for ear tubes... so she was pretty pain resistant.) I know it gets worse the older they are, but I don't know that it would make that much of a difference between age 2 and age 4 When I had mine done at 21, it was awful.

I think he should also be on some sort of ibuprofen to keep the inflammation down. Did they not recommend anything like that?

Also, from experience i wanted to let you know that things you'd *think* would help, often hurt. Ice cream and milk shakes HURT. The salt in them burned like anything.

I really don't know what to suggest. I guess I'd call the doctor and ask if you should also be giving him some ibuprofen (alternating with the tylenol.) Just make sure he gets LOTS of water... the less he eats and drinks, the worse it will be

I hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon!
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