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Re: advice after tonsillectomy

Thanks so much! I called the Dr. this morning after he woke up crying. One thing I had thought of was that when I check on the regular Tylenol dosing chart, he weighs 47 lbs and the dosage for a 48 lb. child goes up to 2 tsp. from 1 1/2 tsp. This isn't the first time he's been on the "high end" of the chart and wasn't getting a high enough dosage. Sure enough, the Dr. agreed and told me to up the dosage to 2 tsp. and to alternate w/ regular Tylenol. Why didn't any of these Drs. or nurses tell me before that codeine burns?? I got him to take the 2 tsp. and half an hour later he was asking for bread and gatorade and pudding......

Thanks for the advice, hopefully I can help keep his pain under control and it'll only be a few more days!

Who'd have thought that ice cream hurt, thanks for that advice too. Pudding has been a hit though


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