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Originally Posted by omahonycm View Post
Just a fun update many months later. I did get my home birth. In fact, it turned into an unplanned unassisted! DH walked into the living room just in time to see me catch the baby in my hands. The midwife got there a half hour later. We realised that if I had planned to go to the hospital. I wouldn't have made it. She would have been born on the side of the street or in the hallway. Instead, we had everything we needed, it was peaceful and, even though we were in shock at a 40min labour, just about perfect. Now DH likes to joke that he is pretty much a doctor as he delivered the baby. I think if we were to have another, we'd be on the same page about a home birth.
Oh my gosh!! You are both amazing! Hope your little one is well. Congratulations on your baby and an incredible birth story!
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