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DD2 started showing signs at 16m it has been a long two months. We started with having the potty chair downstairs. She fought it so we left it out, but we didn't force it. At 17m she started to try again, and with in a few weeks had started to go poo in it so we tried to get her to pee in it. And it wasn't time so we caught as much poo as we could, but pee we did not force.

She just turned 18m and started saying mommy potty. So yesterday we started trying the potty again. I cannot push her, and many times I have to act like I'm not watching.

I say go slowly, and expect a few accidents. If you have time for naked time do it, but don't get stressed.

DD2 went all day today with no accidents and wore panties. She would tell me she had to go, that way I could take off her panties for her. We even went to Walmart for about an hour and she stayed clean the whole trip.

When it clicks it clicks. Just remain calm. We also do chocolates as a reward, and now after tomorrow we might only give chocolates out for poo not both.

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