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Re: Early interest in potty -how to?

DD is 2yr 2m, potty trained if going bare butt, but as soon as you put undies on (we are using Gerber training undies because they re the only ones we can find in 18m (ie tiny) that don't cost an arm & a leg) she forgets and pees in them. Turns out she is 1) either having trouble pulling them off/on or 2) gets so engrossed in what she is doing she just forgets I think bare butt is the way to go, but we had to put on panties because 1) DD was starting to get red down there from sitting on the floor, etc 2) she can't leave the house with no clothes on her bottom half so....

So I guess what I'm saying is that yes, there will be setbacks, but if your LO is showing interest in using the potty, use it when you can, and be sure to reward her for each success so she gets positive association with peeing in the potty. Of course parents can help get undies/trainers off/on, but sometimes kids forget to ask, don't ask clearly, and get embarrassed if they leak.

I'm sure you know all this as this is not your first go round at PLing (as it is for us), but I think an early start is great, even if you don't fully PL for a while.
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