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Re: Who doesn't take thier LO's to well visits??

Originally Posted by haydn'smommy View Post
Haydn goes to his well checks but we delay/selective vax.
Well checks are important strictly for developing a relationship, IMO. I want to get to know all my patients and their families and have them get to know me. The doc/NP-patient relationship is one based on trust and when I can get to know the family during well/healthy times I can be more effective during sick times. I don't know how many times I've heard a mommy tell a child "Ms Jaime makes it better, remember? She won't hurt you. Jaime loves you." That's important to a sick, scared child. My babies in my practice know that I love them and it's my job to make things better when they feel bad. They trust me and that goes a long way toward being able to do a thorough exam.
Yup, that's why we go mainly. I KNOW my doctor and I really like him. I'd hate to have to see a complete stranger of there was anything actually wrong with DD. I trust that if I ever need him for anything "real" that he knows me and my DD well enough to take the correct course of action
My DD must have a great immune system because she never gets sick from being at the doctor's office like everyone else claims their kids do
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