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Re: does anyone have a sucessful Ebay store?

Originally Posted by 3BoysMamma View Post
I have never heard of it before! I saw the "ad" on our local FB page earlier but they didn't say anything about it, but then dh was looking last night and the lady had gone back and said "Oh and I forgot to mention, when you enter, they will give you a 13 gallon trash bag and you can fill it up for $3"......that was enough to make me buck against sanity and take all 4 kiddos alone lol!! I think I'll hit the toys first, then the stuff, then the clothes! I feel like a kid going into a candy store when I start thinking about it - hmmm, I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight?? It's insane and addicting

I've started looking thru cl some to resell but haven't found anything....good find!
Yeah you are gonna get like a full inventory for the winter for $10, lol! When a $$$ neighborhood had their annual neighborhood yard sale I couldn't sleep, lol. I was up at like 7am (which is extremely early for me btw) skipping through the house. I had a car full for $75 and was ear to ear all the way home, hehe.

I check CL mostly for large clothing lots. I like to get plus size maternity clothing lots or plus size lots off of there for cheap. Once people lose the weight or have their baby they are ususlly practically giving the clothes away. Like 100 pieces for $50 or something like that. The other stuff I might look up randomly. My daughter is sick right now and nursing alot so lots of web surfing.... I also found these on CL 8 for $20 and they might go lower:
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