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It has a label for pregnant women because it induces labor. Therfore giving it to a woman prior to full term would be risky and almost def cause early delivery. Since you are term that is not a risk. There is a risk of uterine rupture but that risk is possible with pitocin as well. Any induction medicine has risks and somide effects. Cytotec works faster and is cheaper than pitocin and why some providers choose it over pitocin.

All medications have potential side effects. Cytotec does save lives (it can be used for severe bleeding in labor).

Talk with your midwife and ask why she used cytotec over pitocin or foley bulb or prostglandin strips. Ask if you will be taking it orally or vaginally.

What is your bishops score? Are you dilated at all? Is there a risk if you wait longer? How many weeks are you? Is babys health at risk if you dont deliver monday?

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