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Re: The Beginning of Something

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor. I'm not recommending that anyone do any of the things I will be doing. If you want to give this a try, I highly recommend:

A) You talk to a doctor before implementing any diet or exercise changes to make sure they will not have adverse effects on you.

B) If you are interested specifically in where I have gotten this info, check out the lastest edition of Healing Psoriasis by Dr. John O. A. Pagano The ISBN on mine is 0-9628847-0-7 (there may be a newer version available, since mine was printed in 1991)

I have been inspired by the Healing Psoriasis book, but the suggestions in that book make sense on many different levels not just related to getting rid of psoriasis. It's about cleansing the body to clear out toxins that cause all sort of problems, learning to take care of your body, and realizing that everything that you put in/on your body has an effect on you. If you want to consume bad stuff, be ready to pay the price. Pretty straight forward stuff when you think about it. Thing is, most people don't think about it.

The first thing they recommend is the 3 day apple diet. This is supposed to aid in cleansing the system along with enemas. Let me say, this right here almost made me run screaming when I first read it. "You want me to what? Eat nothing but apples for three days AND have enemas? ENEMAS? Eww... Oh heck no!"

Once I got past my initial disgust (and stopped acting like a 3rd grader... it's just poop for Pete's sake), I read on. They recommend various dietary changes (some that make more sense than others) and some supplement suggestions. The photos of the patients are astounding. Absolutely astounding. My psoriasis is nowhere near as bad as the people in this book, but if it can do that for them, then it HAS to do something for me.

So, I noted all this info, sat down with a calendar and thought "Okay, I need to figure out when I can eat nothing but apples for three days, and that's when I'll start." We'll, it turns out Amazon can't deliver as quickly as I would like, so I'll be starting as soon as I get my supplies. They are:

American yellow saffron tea
Slippery elm bark powder
Lecithin granules
Stainless steel tea ball

Other things I already had like:

Olive oil
Castor oil
Peanut oil

Here is the plan...

Day One
First thing in the morning, drink a glass of warm water to which the juice of one fresh lemon has been added.
Wait an hour, then eat as many apples as you want during the day and NOTHING else.
In the evening, do an enema, then drink a tablespoon of olive oil in hot water or apple juice.
**NOTE: They actually recommend something called a 'high colonic' which sounds great and all, but I don't have health insurance, and this process is going to be uncomfortable enough without someone else administering the procedure. Maybe some day I'll get brave and go have it done, but for now, we'll stick with the home enema.

Day Two
Same as Day One

Day Three
Same as Day One
PLUS at the end of the day eat a pint of plain yogurt to bring back some balance in my system.

After this three day cleansing, I'm supposed to do the following:
In addition to dietary and lifestyle changes (which I will outline below), it is recommended to have:
Slippery Elm bark drink in the morning 1/2 hour before breakfast (1/4 tsp in warm water which has to set for 15 minutes before drinking)
Saffron Tea in the evening (1/4 tsp in hot water)
1/2 tsp of olive oil daily
1 tbsp of lecithin granules 3 times per day for 5 days a week until psoriasis clears up and then 1 tbsp per day after that.
Drinking saffron water throughout the day and periodic cups of chamomile and mullein tea are recommended.

Lifestyle Changes
No smoking
No drinking alcohol
Go to the chiropractor
Reduce stress
No hair dying (I stopped doing this years ago anyway)
Regular cleansing of the skin
Regular cleansing of the bowels

Dietary Changes
No Dairy
No Soda
Nothing white (flour, sugar, white potatoes, etc.)
No nightshades (tomatoes, eggplant, pepper, etc.)
No red meat
Do not eat citrus with grains
Eat apples, melons, and bananas by themselves and not combined with other foods.
Eat more: salmon, tuna, cod, halibut, chicken, brown rice, wild rice, gluten free pasta, flaxseed, canola oil, fruits and veggies.

The book explains in better detail the logic behind the requirements, but for the purposes of this post, let's just say, I'm following the above because it makes sense to me after reading the book.
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