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Re: Who got pregnant before ppaf?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
I'm pretty sure that EBF only actually 'protects' for like 6 months max.
Sometimes not even that. Our surprise baby was conceived when DD was a mere 3 months old. She'll have a sibling for her 1st birthday. I was EBFing her & pumping an extra 20oz per day for donating.

FWIW, I did have one PPAF. I just wasn't very sure that's what it was. My first PPAF after having my DS came at like 7 weeks postpartum. I told my MW that and she insisted that it couldn't have been AF that early. She said that it must have been residual postpartum bleeding. I thought that I might once again be having the residual postpartum bleeding that I supposedly experienced the first time around. Nope! It was good ole' AF! So here I sit now, 11 weeks pregnant with a 5 month old. Can you believe we struggled to conceive both children before this?
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