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Re: Look what I woke up to at 5:30 a.m.!!!!

Wooow. That is something! I'm torn between 1) going full on bananas with locks or gates on her door, or 2) just letting her run her bad self. With option 1 I worry it would create more fights and become a control issue, but with option 2 I hate losing that control. I sort of like the idea of making a game out of this by hiding *healthy* snacks and stuff in her room, clearly labelled with her name, and explain to her that she is not allowed out of her room at night for safety reasons, but there are special snacks just for her hidden in her room. Of course then there's the risk you'll wake up to her room being torn apart looking for the snacks. Then again, if you lock her in her room she might tear it up out of frustration anyway. Sigh.
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