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Going from 2 to 3 kids? Or was the transition?

So, we have two kids. DH and I both want at least one more, possibly two but I really can't see us having anymore than 4 kids total.

Anyway, DH recently admitted to me that he thinks we should start TTC #3 this summer. I ABSOLUTELY want at least one more child...but when he started talking about it I felt a little...scared!! I never felt any apprehension whatsoever about going from one child to two. But I am just a tiny bit nervous this time.

How was your transition to having more than two? I really didn't feel stressed at all by going from one to two kids---especially during my youngest child's first year...honestly it is probably just NOW getting a bit more difficult b/c she is getting more independent and really mobile, etc.

I thought the hardest time would be with a 2 yr old and a newborn...and it wasn't bad at all! I really enjoyed it. My son was AWESOME with his baby sister.

So how much harder is it to have 3+kids?? Tell me all the gory details please!!

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