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Originally Posted by Kimmomy2dom View Post
I used to use the little noses with Dom, I'll go buy more. They sleep with me, but it's hard to have one head on each arm, etc. LOL. I guess only one is sick, though, so maybe it will work. Babies don't seem to be too sick so far. Dom seems to have it the worst. I hate listening to Nova cough, it makes me feel like a bad mom.
I'll go get Little Noses for later. Dom will only blow his nose 1/10 times maybe, but he's too big to suction, isn't he?
if he's not big enough to blow his own nose, he's not too big to suction!! i used to suction 2 year olds all the time at teh day care i worked at. it was too much for me to see all that snot running down and being sucked in the mouths! they didn't like it, of course, but too bad IMO.

i hope you and lola are spared the illness. we are all sick here and its terrible. so did your dh get that job he applied for a while back? i forgot to ask!
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