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Re: BF in public. How do I deal?

Thanks for all the support, ladies. When I first had Emma, I really had no feelings of shame or modesty regarding breastfeeding in public. But, the more I get strange looks from people, the more it makes me feel like people are uncomfortable.
I'm one of those people that likes to please everyone, so I find myself thinking "well, maybe if I cover up people wont be offended". But I seem to forget that there isnt anything WRONG with nursing. Its this blasted culture that has somehow twisted nature and makes us believe that bottle feeding is the only acceptable practice.

I DID call the office and complain. The Pediatrician was very nice and apologetic and said that HE is proud of me for breastfeeding, and that obviously my daughter is benefiting from it (seeing as she gained 3 pounds her first month).

In the meantime, I am going to look for a different Pediatrician. It may mean paying out of pocket, but it's worth the money to find someone who supports us and shares our values.
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