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Re: Pumping question

I found the trick with pumping was you had to be regular about it to adjust your supply a bit. Most women have more milk in the morning, I pumped right after feeding DS and putting him down for his morning nap. I just had a manual Avent single pump, and could usually get 2-4 ounces per day. If I had missed a feeding, or he had slept through the night, I could get more than that. I remember one stellar session with 8.5 ounces, I was very excited even though some women can get this much regularly. I think an electric double pump would be a big help here too.

I think I would stick with a newborn or size zero nipple for now, and the type of bottle wouldn't matter. It might even help to keep her on the breast if you use a very slow flow, since she won't get used to instant and quick flow and start to perfer the bottle.

Best of luck!
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