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What is going on?

I'm hoping some of you who are actively avoiding (possibly with charting or NFP) and know cycle stuff off the top of your head might be able to interpret something for me. :-)

I usually have 28-31 day cycles, ovulating Btwn day 14-19, usually 7-19. This cycle has been super weird (possibly bc of medication). Af was short for me last month, we dtd on cycle day 6. On day 25 (Saturday) I started spotting. More yesterday (day 26) and this morning (day 27) spotting.

I'm so confused. I've never spotted before day 28, ever. And the longest I've had spotting is two days, but spotting before a period is rare (it's happened once).

Anyone got the whole conception timeline memorized? Does this fit with conception and implantation bleeding? I'd do the math myself but I'm spacey and my 4yo and 16mo are demanding breakfast. :-/
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