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Hi mama! I have used several pumps, manual and electric, single and double over the course of nursing my 3 little ones . It does depend on how often you will need to use it but if you're sure you want a electric, I would go with a double electric. For me, I pump more milk substantially faster with the double because both breasts let down at the same time. When I used a single electric, I would let down when pumping the first breast and would rarely let down again with the second breast. So emptying the second breast took a lot longer.

Here are my favorite pump recommendations:
Double Electric - Medela Pump In Style (I also have the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra - it doesn't work as well for me and I had to have my motor replaced twice in six months)

Single Electric - Avent Isis IQ UNO. It has a "let-down" cushion that worked well for me and expressed milk from behind the areolar area well. You can also set the exact pumping rhythm you want.

Manual - Avent Isis Manual. It also has the let-down cushion and I was able to pump more milk with it faster than with the Medela Harmony.

I feel like Medela pumps are easiest to clean.

Hope this helps a bit . Good luck!
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