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Re: Radian FF seated height?

Originally Posted by lilychic4 View Post
The radian is outgrown by weight or when the tips of child's ears go above the shell. Diono allows shoulders over the top harness slots.
The True Fit has lower top harness slots and the seat is outgrown when shoulders go above the top slot.

The radian is pretty close in shoulder height to most of the other FFing harness combo booster seats. Only the Britax Frontier offers any significant growing room off the top of my head if you need to harness longer.
Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
but I think the Radian only allows for shoulders one inch above the top harness slot? I could be wrong there, though... and I'm still not sure I'm comfortable with going above, but we're not close yet.

here it says:
radian - up to 57"
true fit - up to 50"
Thanks! My daughter has always been in the high percentages, and is the size of a 5/6 year old. She's 3 and I want to keep her in the safest seat for her, but she is starting to look like she is above the shoulder slots and I'm wondering what I am going to do next.
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