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Re: Anyone had previous shoulder dystocia & large baby- did you doctor suggest c-sect

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
This. I wouldn't consent to a section or early induction (pre-42 weeks). JMO.

My DS had some dystocia. He was 9lbs 3oz. It was not a serious problem, thankfully. When we realized he was stuck, we just a changed positions and he came out within a few pushes.

My next baby was 7lbs 8oz and there were no issues.

I think dystocia can be caused by position as well as size, not size only. I could be mistaken though. That would explain why smaller babies can have dystocia, too.

I don't think a previous experience with labor/birth is a really great reason to have a major surgery, or consent to tons of interventions "just in case" .... EVERY birth can be so so so so different.
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