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I do not know why excalty why a d&c but I've been have lots of bleeding an when have my cycle it has been getting heavier on bleeding with huge clots so the last time I talk to my doctor an seen in my notes that I bled really heavy the other cycle with huge clots he said he wants to do a d&c I didn't ask no questions as with all been happening with my cycles I want the pain to stop.So can get moving on with TTC once again. Sometimes I have lots of pain before my cycle starts an when does it really bad for a few days then finally gets better. So he's going to do everything while in there an clean me all the way out I guess. I hope he don't find nothing really bad as I want to get my 3rd baby an hopefully have my family completed.

Soon be a year of TTC an no baby yet not even a sign of a BFP.

I can't wait to get my surgeries over an start TTC once again.

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