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, mama. I'm so sorry that you're having a hard time. You're right that there is no cure for endo yet, but a specialist in St Louis has done a study with teenagers where he did excision instead of ablation (cutting with a laser rather than burning with a laser) and he found no recurrence. It's a small study, and more research is needed but there's hope.
I listened to him speak at a conference and it was fascinating. What I learned is that it is really important to have a specialist in endometriosis do the surgery. Unfortunately, the extent of the endometriosis does not correspond to the fertility effects or pain. Some women have just a little endo but still have lots of pain and infertility but others have lots of endo but no effects on fertility. So it's really important to have a specialist who will surgically remove all of the endo - if they remove most but not all of it, then you may still have fertility issues. And a surgeon who specializes in endo is more likely to find the hidden spots. By cutting (instead of burning) the endo, they are able to make sure they go deep enough to get all of the endo and not just the surface stuff.
Unfortunately, lupron is widely used instead of surgery. It is useful for treating the pain of endo but there is always endo when the treatment stops. There are no studies which show any improvement in fertility with lupron.
Here's the website for the specialist who did that study:

again. I can only imagine what you're going through. I hope you find peace, health, and a baby in your arms soon!
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