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Re: Lots of ??s. don't hate the newbie. I'm a CD virgin

enjoy your cloth diaper workshops! i love the actual stores, you get to see and compare different diapers, even put them on a doll or something, especially if you are new to using a snappi on a prefolds old fashion style (we do this half the time). you also get to practice some self-restraint and not buy everything! if you're first time parents, allow yourselves some grace to use a disposable every now and then or on a rough day. we used sposies at night and when going out for a couple months before doing cloth full time. when baby learns to sleep through the night, finding the right nighttime diaper combo will be another adventure but there are lots of advice here as you know. finding the right washing detergent is also impt (some use tide with no probs, some use actual detergent for cloth diapers). also cloth wipes will save extra cash, baby wash cloths, cut up t shirts, actual fancy bamboo velour wipes, whatever AND try a couple samples of cloth diaper friendly diaper creams to see what you like and what works for baby. and last, take lots of pictures of baby in cloth and share the love with fam/friends, spread cloth diaper cheer!

if you are still awaiting a baby shower, create an online cloth diaper registry/wish list or pin page, something like that... i know those things exist but i never had the time to check it out! best.

Originally Posted by FamiLEE View Post
Our reasoning for going with the cloth diaper route is pretty much all the reasons listed. If i had to choose I would say better for the baby and money savings would top the list.
We do have a budget. I am not sure exactly but I believe we are thinking that most people spend around $500-600 starting out. We think that is reasonably within our price range and depending on how crazy we get with the spending that budget could go up a few hundred dollars.
Looks like variety is key when it comes to starting out. I will have to make sure that we get a wide assortment of styles, sizes, fabrics, and brands of diapers.
All this feedback is very helpful and I appreciate it ladies
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