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Re: Help us plan our life as a family

I'd look into countries more. Are there other countries that are options? Australia? B.C. Canada (warmer weather there), Central America? Other European countries. I'd research the countries like crazy and narrow it down to 2 or 3 options. Then I'd work on visiting them. They may not be how you think they are. Especially on the surface. Talk to other Americans who have moved there and find out their experience. Other things to consider:
Can you husband do his work from anywhere? ie online
How are American's treated in that country? Will there be prejudice in jobs, etc.
What is the school system like for your child?
What are living expenses like? (Remember, living expenses may seem low or high, but also consider how do the people actually live, many people live with a lot less than what we've come to expect in North America.
Economic conditions in that country.
Safety and crime rates
How well will you need to know the local language? How hard is the language to learn.

I think you've already done some research. I suggest collecting it into a binder or something. Write down what people tell you about a country so you don't forget. see if you can get english newspapers from that country. Watch their news channels. Research, research, research. Next, plan a visit to your #1 choice. Don't go just to the touristy places, try to get to know locals. See if you can stay with a local family. Eat the food they eat there, etc. You might be able to do it for cheap, maybe you can do an exchange thing where they then come to stay with you.
Once you've collected all the information you can, then you'll be able to make a better choice on how to go about what you want to do. It'll be hard, and there'll be setbacks but you have to be determined and push through.
Also learn about culture shock and what to except and how to deal with it. Even if you love it there you will go through a period of adjustment where you miss home, where you miss American things, where you hate everything about the new place and where you feel like you don't belong. Acknowledging those feelings and working through them will make the change successful. Don't be nieve and think that you'll always love everything about the country and be happy with your choice. There may be days you regret it. But in the long run, I'm sure you'll be happy you pursued your dream.
I think most of your questions will be answered with more research. I wouldn't go by easiest immigration options. It's part of your consideration, but if you want it to work you have to like the place you're going to because a new life in a new country isn't easy. You're adopting that culture, way of life, language, people, you have to love them. That love for that place will help you fight the battle to get there. If you just pick any place that isn't the US you'll be unhappy. You don't realize how much your culture is a part of who you are until you are somewhere where everyone is different than you. It's hard to give up who you are and become something new if you don't like who they are.

Don't fall into the trap of idealizing adventure and anywhere but here is better. A coworker and her husband who had no kids decided that they were going to sell everything and move to B.C. They had nothing holding them here. No kids, they had one job prospect there. They had money. They had lived there in their younger years and had friends there. They were so excited. They lasted a month, less than a month and they were back. The city had changed, they missed their friends here, their car was broken into, they didn't realize the crime rates were higher, things weren't how they imagined. (though I personally think they should have stuck it out longer and it would have gotten better with time)
I'm not saying this will happen to you, I'm saying to be cautious, be pessimistic, weigh everything very carefully. You both have to be completely in agreement. Take it one small step at a time.

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