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Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 26th

Yay on meeting homebuddies! I love when that happens to me, being from the east coast and currently planted in the midwest. There's just *something* about folks knowing your experiences, yanno?

Im up early, but I was crashed and dead out by 7:15 last night, so I can't complain. I hope today seems more productive, although I have a lot of out of the house running to do, so it wont feel like Im just sitting on my butt all day getting irked with narrowmindedness on an internet site or anything. *ahem*

AOTD--Im deaf, so I dont listen to anything, although ydd's fave right now is hot potato by the Wiggles, so apparently its listened to again and again and again and again and again by with dh. She doesnt have much verbal language, but will "sign" the motions for the song to ask for it, and Daddie swooops her up and they plant in front of his computer watching on youtube. She can't be happier. It's a sad day when I catch DH singing it when hes by himself, however..... LOL
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