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Re: It is a basic Thursday

BTW, totally LOL at Mel's shared bathroom time last night. Jeez, we have three toilets and I *maybe* get to use one uninterrupted once a week.

So my latest conundrum with the house is the backsplash tile. Originally I was going to put it off a year, to save costs. But when they removed the old formica counter, it had a 4" backsplash on it and the wall behind that is damaged, so just paint won't do. And we are under budget on the kitchen so I want to go ahead and do it. You'd think it would be easy.

I had four solid color ceramic tiles picked out, had a fave but wanted to wait until the counter was installed to make a final choice. Turns out my #2 choice looks best, a weird pinkish beige. So I go back to Lowes and see if I can order it in a subway tile size (my sample is a standard 4 1/4" square you find in many bathrooms/kitchens). Nope. Can't get it in any other size, and it's a discontinued color so it's questionable if they can find enough of the square. Ugh. I then ask what it would cost to get another beige in subway size, and it is literally FOUR times the cost of buying the same tile in black or white that they have in stock at the store. While I wouldn't have minded paying that for the pinkish beige, I don't want to pay that for a beige I "settle" for because it's all there is.

Detroit apparently is not big enough to support tile discount warehouses like I am used to in Houston and Dallas. Just little flooring stores. And what's popular now is the multicolored mosiac stuff, all mediums (glass, stone, ceramic, etc) and that will NOT go with my granite. I'm having a really hard time finding the right color ceramic or glass tile, all the same color and size, for any price much less a reasonable one.

There is one store about 30 minutes away that is sort of similar to the large tile discount warehouses I'm used to. If I'm lucky I will go there today. But I gotta get Ian to swim lessons and go check on the big house (they are supposed to do plumbing and appliance install today), and both are in the total opposite directions of said store. Sigh.
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