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Re: outgrowing diapers, about to potty learn, what do you do?

a few months before DD potty trained we moved internationally, many of her well, well, well loved diapers were left behind with a family in need of them, so we had a bare bones stash. I had 6 AIOs that I could use for Daddy and school... I ended up buying 6 toddler prefolds and 2 size large Fluffys covers, so she was down to 12 diapers but it was enough if we put her in a disposable at night. It worked out just fine to have our 2 year old on a bare bones stash, and it cost me less than $50 to do it. The covers resold quickly, and I've hung onto the prefolds for DS's toddler days. I only sold the covers because I let her pick them out and they were as girly as you can get, and I probably wouldn't have let them sit for 2 years for DS anyway, cotton doesn't bother me but I just dont trust PUL and elastic in storage that long.
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