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Re: Risks Associated with Shoulder Dystocia-Brachial Plexus Injuries

I watched the video, and wow, it's obvious that you and your little guy have been through a lot since his birth!

I've come across many mamas IRL and online whose little ones have had negative effects from shoulder dystocia. It makes me especially thankful that neither my ds (6th baby) nor I had any sort of negative effects whatsoever despite a scary episode of shoulder dystocia lasting 7 minutes. Crazy, considering that I had 5 uneventful, smooth births before him. I think it was just a strange fluke that he was positioned oddly since everything else was pretty much the same (other than being a couple ounces bigger than my second largest baby).

It seems to be one of those things that most mamas really don't think much about (at least I didn't!) until it happens to them.

Praying for all of you wonderful moms whose little ones are healing from physical challenges. I very easily could have been in your situation. May God grant all of you a rich measure of patience, love, and emotional healing as well, since I know well the emotional struggles that can accompany a difficult, frightening SD delivery.

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