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Re: Any Vegan or Non-Dairy people out there? I need advice!

We used hemp milk for ODD. Had a good fat content and the necessary vitamins. I have a soy sensitivity and we also have two relatives (SIL and DH's cousin) who's kids had problems with the phyto estrogens from taking in that much soy, so we knew we wouldn't be doing that.

Some people use goat milk, but some people with dairy allergies still react to goats milk and I was more comfortable staying away from animal products.

Our favorite brand of hemp milk is pacific foods. Really good stuff, but it did take a few tries for me to get used to the flavor before I liked it. DD liked it right away (both my girls would drink it by the gallon if I let them!)

A little OT, but re: feeding your LO's vegan... We had been eating a totally vegan diet but ODD wasn't thriving (hadn't grown much over a year period, no height gain, very little weight gain) so now we do very very small amounts of chicken and fish (locally sourced from places I trust) and eggs (same). We're talking 1-2 meals a week with one of those three. She's grown 1.5" and gained about 5lbs in about 4 months. Totally bummed me out, but we try to be as responsible about it as we can. Some people really thrive on a vegan diet, some don't. Just keep an eye on your LO's growth
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