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Re: csection vs. vbac for #2 anyone else??

I had a c-section with number 1 and I'm definitely planning a vbac for number 2. The risks are different, but really the risks of a vbac are no higher than a repeat c-section. You have VERY high chances of having a successful vbac, IF your doctor and the hospital will cooperate. Here's a summary of the studies done comparing vbac and repeat cesearean:

It's important to remember that uterine rupture can happen in a repeat cesearean as well as a trial of labor. The chances are slightly higher for a trial of labor, but it does NOT mean that the baby and mother will die! That is a risk, but it is rare. It is also important to remember that a repeat cesearean has other risks like the need for a hysterectomy, and the impact of surgery on infant bonding and breastfeeding.

I was lucky to have a relatively easy recovery and breastfeeding came very naturally after my c-section. But, recovery from major surgery is going to be much harder than recovery from a normal vaginal birth, regardless.

Do your research, mama, and do what is best for you and your child!
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