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Re: I am officially the worst tooth fairy ever!

Originally Posted by CJKJ View Post
Last night, I took the money with me and slid it into her bed before she got in, but she saw it and said it didn't count because I didn't take the tooth.

She told me this morning that I took all the fun out of it - and I know she's right. I know she just wants that little bit of magic, and I feel terrible for destroying that.

I've got 3 more kids that I've got to go through this with. HELP!

Do you guys know of any other tradition or special thing I could do with her/them during the day so they can have something "special" for losing teeth?
One thing you might consider is telling your oldest daughter that you have a really hard time remembering, and asking her if she'd like to help you with the younger ones. That might be every bit as much fun for her! (and maybe the tooth fairy assistant would earn a special treat or sticker too?)
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