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First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

Hey everyone, I am breastfeeding my 3 week old son and this is the first time for nursing for me so I have tons of questions lol and thought you ladies might be able to help me out. First off I feel like all I do is feed him, non stop all day. I can barely get him to go 2 hours between feedings and usually its closer to an hour but he only nurses for about 5-10 minutes and then falls asleep and as soon as I lay him down he wakes and wants to eat again and the same thing happens over and over. Last night I fed him and went to bed, he woke up 5 minutes later and my husband got him and couldn't do anything with him so he fed him 4 oz of breast milk that I had pumped and he still was hungry so he fed him 2 oz of formula and then he was content and could be and slept better than he usually does, 4 hours. I just feel like he is not getting satisfied with my milk, I know he is getting enough because of his wet and poopy diapers but I just feel like he isn't satisfied with that. Also when I pump I can barely get an oz or 2, could it be my supply is low? Any advice would be greatly appreciated TIA~
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