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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

My son is 5 weeks old today and HONESTLY today is the FIRST time that I have not felt exactly like you do right now! His schedule is backwards, but I know how you are feeling and it does get better, slowly but it does. The formula is bad, as a mama that was sabotaged before just pour it out and give away the bottles. It is just WAY to easy when you are tired to do the formula thing and it will ruin your supply. Also, the formula changes the composition of your little guy's gut and it can take a week or more for everything to get back to breast feeding normal if you keep using formula.
Pumping is a horrible indication of how much milk you have. Baby is SO SO SO much better then the pump and it takes a whole different set of skills to pump. You have to know how to relax and trick your body into thinking that is the baby and do everything like it would for the baby. It's hard, you can do the pumping if you need to, I do for over full relief, but don't let it make you worry. If wets and poops are there, that is ALL that matters!! You can do it, and PM me if you need to I would be more then willing to talk anytime.
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