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Re: First time breast feedng and have a few ?'s

He sounds just like my LO when he was that little. They like being held, they love nursing; NBs are just really, really needy! He's loving your milk, that's why he can't get enough At 3 wks, I think they're going through a growth spurt and just want to nurse a LOT. Don't let pumping get you down. My next door neighbor had a baby the same week I did and she was always telling me how much she pumped (TONS!) and in comparison I was getting nothing, so I felt like I wasn't making enough, but my baby was pooping and peeing plenty and growing fine. I don't think your supply is low, just don't get yourself down by overthinking it. I wouldn't supplement w/formula too much because that will end up affecting your supply. You're doing great! hang in there

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