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Originally Posted by Numommy
My DD is 4 and I was just told she has 6!!
They want to sedate her.
Idk what to do...
What did yall do?

They want to give her 12 mg of Morphine oral and 8 mg of Atarax oral- in the office.
I am totally freaked.
I can't remember which meds, but they gave my 20 month old a liquid. It did NOTHING. I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but it did not effect him at all, and he fought the whole thing. I had to lay my body over his. Thank God he doesn't remember a bit. But I do. I think by 4 they have more of an ability to hold still. So maybe it won't be so bad.

My 5 & a half year old has never had any issues, and in 6 months, she developed 5. All in her molars. she was only BFd to 10 months.
Going over the consents, the assistant at this office went over their procedures and I declined and will not allow the papoose. She is 5 and a half. She would remember that forever. She also said general anesthesia, then said it would be lidocaine or similar. I initialed it and realized later that that's completely wrong! I need to call Tuesday to find out if the sheet is wrong or if the assistant is wrong. They're not putting her under general.
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