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Re: ADHD - Sleep Apnea - Anyone have experience with this??

Originally Posted by fish3737 View Post
Apparently they are finding that there is a connection between some kids that have "ADHD" and that it turns out once they fix the apnea issue it goes away (the ADHD). So basically they were misdiagnosed or mislabeled.

No he doesn't have an adhd diagnosis - but he has always been active kid.

I'm a special education teacher so I have a lot of experience in the area - just the apnea/adhd overlap thing was new to me.

Does that make sense.
Ok. That makes sense. I know that sleep issues/lack of sleep can lead to impulsive ADHD like behavior. Since sleep apnea causes poor sleep...

ETA: I spent a good deal of time ruling out various physical issues with my DS1 who does have ADHD-PI diagnosis. Sleep issues were one of them.
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