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Help quick! Spots question

I made a mistake. Dd was distracting me and I put the price of the yarn inthe BIN as $4 instead of $43. Here is a listing:

Obviously I don't want to give this away FFS. $43 is an awesome price for this yarn! However, the mama doesn't think she owes me more. Here is our correspondence:

Me: Hello! I see that you just purchased the MM Royal Hunt yarn that I just listed; however, I made an error and listed it for just $4 when it was supposed to be $43(as it states in the title). If you would still like the yarn, you can send the remaining balance of $39 to ...... If not, I understand and will relist it. I'm so sorry, my dd was crawling all over me when I was doing that! I didn't even notice until after you hit BIN. Thanks, and just LMK!

Her: I dont understand, you want $39 more? I already bought it, you cant change the price.

Me: I didn't change the price. It states $43 in title. I did not intend to sell it for $4, this is 10 ounces of yarn. If you don't want it, just LMK and I will refund you the $4 you have paid. I made a mistake, I appologize.

Her: No I do want it, otherwise I wouldnt have bought it. But you should honor your listings.

How do I respond? I consider myself a generous person, but I'm selling some stuff to buy NB stuff! Plus, I think it's quite clear that the price is $43, not $4!
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