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Help me not be a bad mommy!!!

*sighs* I've had a really rough couple of days. DS has just been super-fussy. And normally, nursing solves all. But lately he's been getting himself so worked up that he won't even nurse. And then I'm left wondering if it's a supply issue...

He already gets 2 oz of formula every feeding. This is the same amount he's been getting for probably 3 months (he'll be 6 months old on the 5th). I was hoping that my supply was compensating for the rest, but lately I feel like I should be upping his supplement. And then part of me thinks that he if won't nurse, I should just be giving him a bottle and be done with it.

He also started having 2 tbls of bananas at night Monday night. He had a bowl of rice cereal before that. Now when I make his nighttime bottles, I have the overwhelming urge to dump some cereal in it. What kind of mother am I??

I think I just need support...someone who understands, and I just don't have that ANYWHERE. The only person I know IRL that breastfeeds doesn't have supply issues, so she can't really understand what this is like for me. I hate it!!! You'd think after supplementing for almost 6 months, I'd be over it. But I'm not.

I don't need advice on upping my supply. I've done everything in the book and it just doesn't work for me. I'm just looking for support on my current situation.
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