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Re: Not getting this fleece diaper cover thing...

I disagree w/the PPs, it's not NORMAL to get drenched through either fleece or wool, but it WILL happen if the diaper underneath is soaked. I have found that, since we ONLY use fleece or wool, putting on just a PF is not really an adequate diaper (I have LL premiums). I often put a doubler in the front, folded in half, if DS is only going to wear a PF.

You definitely have to increase the absorbency of the diapers, b/c fleece and wool can start to wick wetness though the fabric once a diaper is wet on the outside. Some mamas may not want to do this in order to use fleece or wool covers, but we have to do it b/c my DS gets rashy in a PUL cover and getting wet all the time is definitely not an option.
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