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My stroller broke today!!!

I got my stroller 5 years ago. My son is only three but his sister was doing well one day at the hospital and we thought that we would get her something in prep for her coming home. So we got her a stroller fitting her. At the time we would have done ANYTHING to bring her home so we thought we were getting the best stroller. It cost us $750 and my inlaws when they heard, offered to pay for it. I was a complete stroller snob because I was a nanny for a number of years prior to getting married and I ALWAYS hated the strollers I had to work with, except for one stroller that was imported from Europe. This stroller was the same style and I it... until today. I couldn't get (and still can't) get the stroller that the family brought over from Europe.

I haven't been using the stroller because my son is large. He outgrew the stroller height wise about a year ago. However yesterday we went into NYC (we never go there) and DS still naps. It did well in the city and today we went out shopping and decided to use it again as he still needed to nap today. I was unloading our packages from the under carriage and among the packages was a bar joining the 2 sides (with the wheels, it is a 4 wheeled design) just sitting there. Thankfully my son didn't get hurt but I was VERY sad to see my stroller broken.

DH I thought would be more upset by it but he isn't. He assures me I can get another one for the next (and VERY much anticipated) child. I will be cycling (TTC for those who don't know what that is) hopefully in August so I have time. DH isn't really concerned about cost because he knows what this stroller meant to me.

However now my needs have changed. I really want to wear the next child as much as possiable, however I hope to take a cross country trip to see family when the baby is about 3 months old and having the bassinet that my broken stroller had, would come in handy for that. I am thinking for naps and play time. I will also co-sleep at night (my son was in the bassinet till about 3 months when I discovered Co-sleeping was much better for our family). My stroller was large so size isn't important. I was shocked when I was reading about other strollers that many of them don't hold children that have weight to them. My son was around 33 lbs at about 18 months. So I need something that has a higher weight limit. I also like one that has big wheels. When I need a stroller I need it for all day type things generally speaking.

Does anyone know of a stroller that is like this and would last for more then 1 child? I have 5 frozen and statistically speaking that means I have (God willing) 2 more pregnancies in me. Or should I just go cheep-o route and forget about a stroller and practice wearing more next time? Though I do have medical issues that will require somewhere to put the baby when I am being examined.
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