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Re: My stroller broke today!!!

I'm sorry your stroller broke
I understand that it meant a lot more to you then "just" being a stroller.

BUT that being said the good news is strollers have REALLY improved over the past few years and there are some GREAT ones out there. If I were you (and I am sort of in your shoes right now as we are expecting) I would hold off until closer to the baby actually being born. Reason being that there have been so many new models out in the last while and huge improvements made to exsiting models, that you could be missing something great by buying too soon. Although I am 21 weeks I am window shopping only - hoping that the buggy that answers all my dreams comes out!

My current suggestion to someone who "had" to buy today would be an UppaBaby Vista for a single and a Baby Jogger City Select for a double. I've have/had both of these and LOVE them - although I do love the Uppababy more as it was a bit nicer and included more things - bassinet, rain cover, sun cover.

NOW we need a triple and I just can't find anything that seems like it will work for me...
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