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Re: Congenital curly toe

My mother, sister, and 2 of 3 daughter's have this. Their second toes main joint has a triangle instead of round bone causing the toes to curve towards the big toe. May I ask why you decided to treat? My mother had her's surgically treated on one foot only because she always wore shoes that were very pointed and high heeled and there was no room for her toes she got calluses/corns. My sister wears all different types of shoes w/ no issue. My DD2 is 6yo and had had no issues. DD3 is 1yo and you could see the bent toes from birth. Depending on what is causing the bend taping will not work unless you kept their toes taped basically forever, because when you leave the tape off the toe will slip back into place. Feel free to pm for more info.
Just in case.
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