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Re: Basically it's Friday!

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
I am home. Exhausted.

Mel here is the weird deal with the fair. Families are either coming in and dropping anywhere from 10-100 or the kids have NOTHING. Such and odd juxtaposition.

Tonight for example I had two $100 orders and then had a Mom and her daughter in 5th grade and son in high-school counting out pennies to buy 3 50cent bookmarks. I thought at first she was testing her daughters ability to count change then heard "maybe they will have another bookfair in the spring and you can get a book then" I call the daughter over and quietly said go pick out any book you want under $10 and you can have it. Girl says really 3 times. Mom looks at me shocked and says really. I am a single Mom and I dont have work right now. It is harder as they are getting older, they cost more now. So Amera got a new book, her Mom almost cried over it and you all made that possible. She came over and shook my hand and said thanks about 5 times.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
That is so so awesome. I honestly wish we could have sent even more. Sometimes I feel selfish that we have more now.
Me too

Originally Posted by jacksmommy1 View Post
jen. Seriously that made me cry. I'm so glad you could help her out.
Me too
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