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VEGANS!!!! Come on in I want to pick your brain!

I recently became interested in trying to convert to be a vegan. I follow a vegetarian lifestyle most of the time...but I am not strict.

I want to know what the heck do you eat? I saw a few blogs and it looks like the foods are all exotic and it looks like they take a lot of time to prepare this true? I don't really have time to be cooking every single thing from scratch....unless it could be made a head of time like once a week or something....

How did you convert? LIke did you do it cold turkey overnight or was it gradual?

I will most likely be the only vegan in my home, will my grocery bill double because I will be buying seperate meals?

Anybody know of any awesome vegan blogs?

I am mostly interested in being a vegan so I can eat/feel healthier and I would also like to lose some weight. Did you lose weight when you became vegan?

We don't have a whole foods or trader joes close to us. Anybody have any good recs of vegan groceries at stores like Walmart and regular grocery stores?

What are vegan friendly foods when it comes to restaurants? Things like Mcdonalds/subway/applebees etc. I don't live in a big city where they have "vegan restaurants".

I would love to know your stories, fave recipes etc

I think that is all I can come up with for now.
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