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Re: VEGANS!!!! Come on in I want to pick your brain!

I've been a vegan for 3 years now, was thru my pregnancy, and still am! I enjoy it, very much so! My boyfriend is also, so it makes things easy when making meals. I eat a lot of vegtables, and fruit. I use to follow a raw foods diet, but that became kinda expensive. We don't spend much on food. I live in northern indiana, so there aren't any fast food vegan friendly places, anywhere like that you'd have to be in cali. We eat a lot of boca chicken patties, canned beans, peanut butter, tempe (tons of protein), tofu (im not much of a fan), TVP (textured vegtable protein), brown rice, pasta, and TONS of soymilk. I do feel very healthy! I just went "cold turkey" one day, but had been a vegatarian for 3 years before that. Meals don't ever take me more then 15-20 minutes top. I don't have time to cook fancy vegan things more then a few times a week. is a great site with lots of good recipes. BTW I lost A TON of weight. Not my reason for going vegan, but noticed I was losin soon after I switched! If you have any other questions feel free to PM me! Be sure to read labels! Some things say veggy, or lactose free, but still have bi products like whey, or a milk protein. BHT is common, and not vegan, it's a preservative, even is cereal! Even if it says vegan read it! Going vegan really is easy, it's not all grass, and salad! -Brenna
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