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Re: VEGANS!!!! Come on in I want to pick your brain!

I agree with reading the labels. Things like Soy cheese that you think is okay will quite often have milk protein in it still (which I just don't get.. why make soy cheese if your still going to use dairy??)

I truly NEVER though I would be able to give up dairy and eggs. I never liked milk but cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs I loved! I remember thinking how perfect of a food eggs were. Now I buy my family eggs from a small farm just down the street but can hardly stand cracking them anymore. They seem so repulsive! Someone made waffles and used eggs in them and that was all I could taste, it was gross :P

Cheese I still get the odd craving but I really don't miss it much these days. I've made some crock cheese spread from the uncheese cookbook that I liked a lot and I eat lots of hummus or guac or peanut butter when i'm craving something rich. All dishes like pizza, lasagna, burritos seem just as tasty without it now..

My hardest thing with trying to go vegan has been telling other people. My DF is very supportive and when he cooks he always makes sure it's 100% but at friends houses they just don't seem to get it. Just last week I did a road trip up to visit lots of family and friends on the way and I got a few .. you still eat chicken though right? It's not meat.. or feta is okay right, because it's feta? Or another girlfriend made lasagna for us.. with a veggie one for me but still loaded with cottage cheese and cheese.. I picked around it because she had lots of other people over and I didn't want to look like a crazy person. I just don't like drawing attention to myself but i'm getting better and hopefully people will start to understand more. Vegan just always seemed so extreme to me and I know it does to other people but once you make the switch you realize how easy it is.. and also notice how much excessive animal products are consumed around you daily!
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