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Re: Possible induction for high BP and really nervous

Originally Posted by Kiliki View Post
Please be sure to research Cyctotec before you agree to it. Cervadil is MADE for inducing/ripening the cervix and is safer (from my research).
I agree with this. I would not agree to cytotec because it can overstimulate the uterus and there is no way to stop it when that happens. Especially since you have already had 5 might be too much.
Personally if I had to be induced, was already dilated, effaced, and already had several vaginal births, I would make sure that baby is engaged and in a good position, then start with the lowest dose of pit and increase every hour, not more often than that. Once labor is established in a good pattern, I would ask for the pit to be turned off and see if labor would continue on it's own, maybe using things like a breastpump to keep natural contractions going until baby is born. I would not consent to AROM unless there was a very good reason.
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