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Birth control while breastfeeding?

DD is 9 weeks and DH and I have been discussing family planning options. Neither of us is interested in anything permanent. I want to make sure that I don't use anything that might decrease supply because DS only breastfed until 5ish months due to nursing strikes and supply dips. He was on formula by six months. I want to EBF this baby until she weans, at least over a year.

I'm not comfortable using breastfeeding as birth control since my period came back at 4mths pp with DS, even though he was exclusively breastfed at that point.

Condoms do not work for us because I'm very sensitive and have had bad reactions in the past (not sure whether it's the latex or the lubricant).

I'm thinking maybe a copper IUD, but I already get very painful menstrual cramps and I've heard it can make them worse.

Any better ideas? What has worked well for you while breastfeeding?

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